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Civil | G.W. PEOPLES CONTRACTING COMPANY INC Laying Down Tracks AS A RAIL CONTRACTOR, G.W. PEOPLES’ EXPERTISE KEEPS THE NATION MOVING. BY JAMIE MORGAN long-term »G.W. Peoplesasoften works with in Washington, clients such transit agencies D.C., Chicago, New York and Houston. W Down in D.C. ith the cost of fuel rising and budgets shrinking, Bill Frey, vice president of operations at G.W. Peoples Contracting Company Inc., says that U.S. cities are making investments in public transit and railroad projects. “One trend I see is that existing light-rail transit agencies are extending their lines now,” he says. “Because of the price of fuel and people still needing to get from place to place, transit agencies are extending existing services out further and further. One example is in Washington, D.C., where officials are extending the light rail Metro system to Dulles Airport. Phase II is planned to go even further, into Loudon County, Va.” Dulles Transit Partners and Delta RR Construction contracted G.W. Peoples, a minority-owned business and disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE/MBE-certified), for a $3.4 million job on the Dulles International Airport Corridor Metrorail Project, known locally as the Silver Line. For the 11-mile rail extension, G.W. Peoples installed 31,000 fasteners and 62,000 epoxy coated inserts, and is assisting in the construction of elevated track. The project is co-owned by the Metropolitan Washington Airport Authority (MWAA) and the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA). “We specialize in transit construction and have the capacity to perform work all over the country,” Frey says. “Although we place our major focus on rail projects east of the Mississippi, we have done work in Texas – Houston and Dallas – and in California. We also have been working with WMATA in Washington, D.C., for the past three years.” In a $2.8 million project, G.W. Peoples was contracted by Mass Electric to rehabilitate WMATA’s Metro Red Line. G. W. Peoples removed and replaced 7,600 direct fixation track fasteners and more than 12,000 track feet of existing mainline running rail. The track work included the removal and replacement of both concrete and wood ties, stone ballast, contact rail insulators and anchor bolts. The company is working on a separate project for WMATA as the prime contractor. The project’s value has reached $2.3 million to date and involves ongoing rehabilitation work to remove and replace 4,500 direct fixation fasteners on the Red Line during weekend outages. Tracking Across America As G.W. Peoples continues to work with long-established agencies such as WMATA, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) and MTA – New York, it also has worked with agencies that are developing new light rail systems. These include the Houston Metropolitan Transit Authority. Contracted by Beers/Atlantic SKANSKA, G.W. Peoples was a subcontractor for Houston’s first light rail system. G.W. Peoples’ $5.3 million contract on the $300 million project included building a storage and maintenance facility yard, as well as a test 92 CONSTRUCTION-TODAY.COM SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 http://www.CONSTRUCTION-TODAY.COM

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Construction Today - September/October 2012