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Civil By Louis Vella MITIGATING EQUIPMENT THEFT E 74 quipment thieves are becoming more sophisticated, with an increased knowledge of where and when to look for valuable equipment that can be resold on the black market for a profitable return. According to the 2010 Equipment Theft Report, published jointly by the National Equipment Register and National Insurance Crime Bureau, 13,374 theft reports were filed in 2010, representing an increase of 162 percent from just five years earlier. Moreover, of all the reported stolen pieces of equipment in 2010, only 19 percent was recovered.  However, contractors and construction companies can do more than just hope that equipment thieves will avoid their job sites. Steps can be taken immediately to help reduce the likelihood of falling victim to theft. • Policies and procedures: Before starting a job, be sure to have a written project security policy in place. Policies and procedures to bolster security should become part of the way business is conducted. The policy and procedure handbook can be shared with and communicated to all employees, and rules should be vigilantly enforced. It’s important to assign security to key personnel and create emergency contact lists, which should be reviewed and updated regularly. • Communication and education: In addition to communicating with employees about security policies and procedures, it is also important to open a line of communication with local law enforcement. For example, make them aware of the type of equipment onsite and share the security policies and procedures. Ask for their input on how to best secure the work site and request that they patrol the area to add another layer of protection. Don’t forget to make them aware of your hours of operation so they can be on the lookout for lurkers during off hours. In addition to the police, encourage the public to report suspicious activity to the proper authorities. CONSTRUCTION-TODAY.COM SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 http://www.CONSTRUCTION-TODAY.COM

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Construction Today - September/October 2012
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Construction Today - September/October 2012