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Industrial | TEQTON INC. U.S. On Solid Ground INDUSTRIAL FLOOR PROVIDER TEQTON WORKS TO BE A DOMINANT FORCE IN THE UNITED STATES AFTER 35 YEARS OF SUCCESS ABROAD. BY JIM HARRIS A industrial flooring system consists two concrete layers and is »Teqton Inc.’suse of joints or texturing, ensuring aofsmooth and uniform surface.applied without the fixture in many European factories and warehouse facilities is beginning to make its mark in the United States. Denmark-based Teqton Inc. expanded its operations in 2009 when European company Siemens Energy, a longstanding client, required a jointless flooring system in the wind turbine facility in its Hutchinson, Kan., plant, says Gunnar Sigurdsson, president of Teqton’s U.S. operations. “Siemens was looking for a totally seamless floor with absolutely no cuts or joints,” he adds. “There was no other contractor capable of offering or meeting this requirement, so they approached us.” Siemens, Teqton and general contractor Gray Construction were ultimately awarded the Technical Innovation Award from the Kansas chapter of the American Concrete Institute for their work on the project, completed in 2010. Teqton will also receive a Design-Build Honor award at the 2012 Design-Build Conference and EXPO in New Orleans in November. Product Specifications Teqton’s standard floor consists of two concrete layers. The bottom layer, Teqbase, is a seven-inch-thick joint-less rolled concrete layer. The Teqbase mixture is placed using specially designed equipment that requires no forms, finishing, texturing, joint sawing or sealing, the company says. One of two toppings is then used: • Teqplan, a joint-less 1-inch topping for Teqbase that can withstand extremely heavy loads, and • Teqtoton, a water and oil-resistant cement floor designed to withstand medium loads that can be used for synthetic flooring as well as a base for vinyl or carpets. Teqton manufactures all floors at the construction site with transportable pug mills and proprietary equipment. All floors are covered under a standard three-year warranty and are inspected by the company annually during this period. “We stand by our product,” Sigurdsson says. “We inspect the facilities with our floors regularly.” In addition to being durable and dust-resistant, Teqton’s floors also provide for a quieter working environment because of their smoothness and lack of joints. “Forklifts and other machinery create a lot of noise riding over joints,” he adds. “The seamlessness of our floors add a very important benefit of quiet to the working environment.” All floors are also tested by Teqton’s engineering department, who work with end users and building designers to ensure they meet their specifications, the company says. 108 CONSTRUCTION-TODAY.COM SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 http://www.CONSTRUCTION-TODAY.COM

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Construction Today - September/October 2012
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Construction Today - September/October 2012