Construction Today 2018 - Volume 16, Issue 3 - 58

Technology: Streamline Your Business | MORPHEUS TECHNOLOGY GROUP LLC

Perfect Integration

MTG Frameworks
ยป Off-the-shelf
fits its users' unique workflows
and business needs.


mplementing a system to share project
information can sometimes feel like a
necessary evil. Some turn to all-in-one
software packages that can sacrifice
functionality, but others have chosen
the more productive route by using MTG
Frameworks, the platform provided by
Morpheus Technology Group LLC.
Based in Redmond, Ore., the company
provides custom integration solutions
using its commercial off-the-shelf platform
(MTG Frameworks) to fit its clients' unique
workflows and business needs. Founding
Partner Randy Nolan says Morpheus' history goes back to the late 1990s, when two of
its founders worked on a large integration
project in California.
Both had the idea of providing integration as a respective service, but could
not get any interest in the idea from their



managers. "In March of 2001, we decided to
create Morpheus with the sole purpose of
integrating construction management and
accounting systems," he recalls.
But Morpheus, which specifically targeted the construction industry, set the goals
of making its offerings cost effective, rapidly
implementable and extendable so the
customers could maintain and extend them
themselves. "We did research on the applications out there that provided integration
solutions," Nolan says.
"There were good applications out there,
but they were time-consuming to implement," he continues, adding that its competitors' solutions also were too costly. "For
us, those software applications didn't meet
the needs of the construction industry."
These drove Morpheus to build its MTG
Frameworks platform, which could be

Morpheus Technology
Group LLC
* Headquarters: Redmond, Ore.
* Employees: 5

"Construction companies are low
to adopt new technology. Finding an organization wi in e
construction technology pace for
over 17 years is are."
- Randy Nolan, founding partner

implemented rapidly and customized to
its clients' specific needs with two specific
goals: Reduce/eliminate duplicate data
entry (touch the data once) and be able
to match the integration to the business
process of the client.

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