Construction Today 2018 - Volume 16, Issue 3 - 127

The company is organized around
its foundation, superstructure and
masonry units.

to begin operating full package deals to our
clients. All along it has been the foundation, superstructure and masonry, and this
completes the package and fully encloses
the buildings."
StructureTech NY expects the existing
staff of the curtain wall company will
complement its masonry division as similar
skillsets are required. "This company is
going to be a big part of our future," Scully
notes. "The two big areas we are pushing
are drilling and pile driving and the curtain
wall company, which will be our focus over
the next year or two to make sure all our
divisions are busy, successful and turning
out profit."

Motivated Manpower
In the past year-and-a-half, StructureTech
NY has grown from about 450 to 750 workers as it continues to seize opportunities
that come its way. The company is organized around its three units: foundation,
superstructure and masonry. Each of those
areas is managed by people who were promoted from within the company's ranks.

Cormican believes elevating employees
into leadership positions ensures those
managers understand StructureTech NY's
mentality and ethos, and keeps everyone's
interests aligned. "Our people are the biggest
factor in our success," Cormican says. "They
bring energy to work and pride in what they
do. Structure Tech has a tremendous energy
that comes from our people and we harness
that and keep building on it to bring success
to our company, employees and deliver
successful projects to our clients."
The company says labor is still its biggest
challenge, but it tackles it by creating an
appealing work environment. "Most of
our people come from word-of-mouth
and through the existing staff who recruit
family and friends," Scully says. "We put the
time and energy into setting the conditions
for our workforce to where people want to
work for us. The right conditions include
payment, overtime options and promoting
safety on the job."
Safety is StructureTech NY's No. 1 priority
and the company has built a structure
where it is the first thing people think about


in the morning. That culture is driven from
the top down. "I think our workers see that,
clients see that and our safety record is what
people know us for," Cormican says. "It's
why we stand out in the industry. Clients
tell us that the drive and emphasis and
push we put on safety in recent years is
paying off and it has become a very integral
part of our culture."
Because safety is pushed from the top
down, it is the responsibility of the project
managers, supervisors and foremen to
spend time educating people in the classroom and with toolbox talks in the field.
"We want everyone to see it's an important
enough part of the work day to stand down
first thing every morning to see where we
are going to be working, make plans so
work is approached in an organized and
controlled manner, and identify problems
to push up the chain of command to ensure
the environment is what it should be,"
Cormican explains.
StructureTech NY's senior field management team meets monthly to reinforce its
safety culture, discuss new innovations in



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