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Sletten history of »Rudolph andsuccessfulhas a longsuch as the completing projects University of San Diego Student Life Pavillion. Institutional | RUDOLPH AND SLETTEN Progressive Builder T o effectively succeed in the competitive California building industry – especially in this economy – it is no longer enough to deliver a project on budget and within schedule, says Martin Sisemore, president and CEO of Redwood City, Calif.-based Rudolph and Sletten. General contractors and construction managers must remain on the cutting edge of technology and sustainability, while continuously searching for ways to improve its processes, he explains. “There is a lot of pressure being put on the industry right now because of economic conditions, not only within California, but nationwide,” Sisemore notes. “Development has been slowed dramatically because of lack of equity or unavailability of credit. It’s a very competitive market currently, and we have to find ways to be more cost competitive, more efficient and more productive in order for us to acquire the amount of work we need to sustain our operations and continue to advance our business.” FROM GREEN TO BIM, RUDOLPH AND SLETTEN HAS ALWAYS BEEN AHEAD OF THE TIMES. BY KATHRYN JONES Continuous Improvement In the past couple of years, Rudolph and Sletten has aggressively pursued projects in the justice, healthcare, pharmaceutical, research laboratory, data center, office campus and manufacturing realms to gain the workload necessary to satisfy a work force that thrives on challenges. Having the skill sets required to excel on complicated projects is the main differentiator that distinguishes Rudolph and Sletten from others and bolsters its mission to “show empirically that we are better than others in the delivery of these projects in preconstruction, planning and ultimately implementation,” Sisemore says. “Our focus is to satisfy customers’ needs to bring a sophisticated product to market in a timely and cost-effective manner, while maintaining high ethical standards, a high degree of professionalism and using the latest and most efficient technologies available to the industry; to take measure to always push the envelope in utilization of new means and methods; and to collaborate and communicate with our customer and design partners so we can create project teams that are focused on the ultimate result, which is the success of the project, not just our own individual successes,” he continues. “With that in mind, we have a long history of successful projects and substantial testimonials from our clients that indicate they appreciate our efforts,” he adds. “We always strive to improve our practices, our communication skills and our delivery model, so every aspect of our business is looked at and measured for continual improvement.” Model Contractor Rudolph and Sletten is proud of its capability to deliver technically complex projects to clients in Silicon Valley and throughout the West. This includes the utilization of highly sophisticated technologies such as BIM. 98 CONSTRUCTION-TODAY.COM MARCH 2011 http://www.CONSTRUCTION-TODAY.COM

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Construction Today - March 2011
Table of Contents
Social Media
Exploring BIM
Best Practices
Urban Construction
Building Growth
Bermúdez, Longo, Díaz-Massó (BLDM), S.E.
Wadman Corp.
Universal Builders Supply Inc.
Harold O’Shea Builders
Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction Co. LLC
Hudspeth & Associates Inc.
Dana B. Kenyon Co. – Florida State College at Jacksonville
Kaback Enterprises
Hyder Construction
On Site Management Inc.
Retail Developers in Ontario
Morguard Investments Ltd. – Bramalea City Centre and Expansion
Ivanhoe Cambridge Inc.
Bayfield Realty Advisors Inc.
Rudolph and Sletten
Collavino Construction Co. Inc. – One World Trade Center
MW Builders – Fort Leonard Wood AIT Barracks, Phase 1
Thor Construction
Weir Welding Co.
JE Dunn Construction Co. – Woman’s Hospital
Manhattan Kraft Construction Co. – Sarasota Police Department Headquarters
P.J. Hoerr Inc. – Advocate BroMenn Medical Center
Poettker Construction – Watterson Towers Renovations
Merit Kitchens
BBL Builders – Columbia Parc at the Bayou District
Reliable Builders Inc.
Joe Hall Roofing
ECM International Inc.
Branch Highways Inc.
GCC America Inc.
HOK: NOAA Pacific Regional Center
Last Look

Construction Today - March 2011