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Residential by Ron MacKinnon Accepting Renewable Energy With stories about climate change, oil spills, dependence on foreign oil, and national security concerns inundating the news in recent years, it’s no surprise renewable energy is seen by many as an increasingly more realistic solution to our energy problems. Unfortunately, despite the media popularity of buzzwords like biomass, geothermal heating and solar power, the current state of the economy and lack of practical information on the costs and benefits of renewable energy technologies has kept many consumers from integrating these technologies into their homes and businesses. As a professional in the renewable energy field, I find it is my job to identify the obstacles and misconceptions keeping renewable energy technology from the mainstream, and combat them through education of consumers and contractors. The most pressing challenge facing renewable energy today is, without a doubt, the economy. The obvious truth is that consumers are not likely to invest in products they don’t believe they can afford, regardless of their RON MACKINNON has a background in HVAC and energy management and expertise in the broad range of renewable energy options. His website,, is a source of information on renewable technology options and opportunities. 122 CONSTRUCTION-TODAY.COM MARCH 2011 http://www.CONSTRUCTION-TODAY.COM

Table of Contents for the Digital Edition of Construction Today - March 2011

Construction Today - March 2011
Table of Contents
Social Media
Exploring BIM
Best Practices
Urban Construction
Building Growth
Bermúdez, Longo, Díaz-Massó (BLDM), S.E.
Wadman Corp.
Universal Builders Supply Inc.
Harold O’Shea Builders
Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction Co. LLC
Hudspeth & Associates Inc.
Dana B. Kenyon Co. – Florida State College at Jacksonville
Kaback Enterprises
Hyder Construction
On Site Management Inc.
Retail Developers in Ontario
Morguard Investments Ltd. – Bramalea City Centre and Expansion
Ivanhoe Cambridge Inc.
Bayfield Realty Advisors Inc.
Rudolph and Sletten
Collavino Construction Co. Inc. – One World Trade Center
MW Builders – Fort Leonard Wood AIT Barracks, Phase 1
Thor Construction
Weir Welding Co.
JE Dunn Construction Co. – Woman’s Hospital
Manhattan Kraft Construction Co. – Sarasota Police Department Headquarters
P.J. Hoerr Inc. – Advocate BroMenn Medical Center
Poettker Construction – Watterson Towers Renovations
Merit Kitchens
BBL Builders – Columbia Parc at the Bayou District
Reliable Builders Inc.
Joe Hall Roofing
ECM International Inc.
Branch Highways Inc.
GCC America Inc.
HOK: NOAA Pacific Regional Center
Last Look

Construction Today - March 2011