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PRODUCT SHOWCASE Civil 1. Service Control Dexter + Chaney’s Spectrum Equipment Service System electronically collects assetmanagement data for a construction company’s heavy equipment, including equipment hours, fuel usage and maintenance. The system alerts fuel truck drivers when preventive-maintenance tasks are due and records the maintenance activity once it is performed. Operating hours and idle hours are recorded by the equipment monitor attached to the machine, which is relayed to the field master mounted in the fuel truck or service vehicle. The field master collects data from each piece of heavy equipment a via wireless RF signal. The fuel controller captures gallons of fuel dispensed to each piece of equipment, which enables the company to track usage and reduce fuel theft. To learn more, visit Software and New Technology 2. Start Your Engines The Start-Smart keyless ignition system from Keytroller replaces ignition keys with what the company calls a “virtually indestructible” metal, pressure-sensitive keypad. Operators of vehicles and machinery enter the proper code and if it is accepted, the panel flashes green. The operator presses the start button to go and stop to shut down the engine. The system is available in an anti-theft version, which incorporates a wireless relay in the ignition, starter or fuel pump. It installs to either diesel, unleaded, liquefied petroleum or electric vehicles. To learn more, visit 1. In This Section 2. 3. Wood Design Software Powered by the STRAD finite element engine, Timber Design can analyze any beam or column, regardless of support and loading conditions, making it the most powerful design software available, Digital Canal claims. The software can analyze and design beams on grade, but was created to be easy to use with four dialog boxes. Timber Design allows users to design multi-span beams or columns for bi-axial bending, axial loads, axial-bending interaction, torsion, shear, support bearing and deflections. Automatic load calculations are provided for wind and snow loads on gabled roofs, and it also determines moving concentrated floor, garage and roof live loads. For details, visit 3. 66 Nicholson Construction 72 Gilchrist 76 Turner: Miami 80 Union Concrete 84 D’Onofrio 87 Worldwide Rental Service 90 AmQuip Crane 92 EIC Associates 94 Grinnell Recycle 96 Intercounty Paving 98 Matrix 100 Nicholson Construction: Canton Dam 102 Sessler Wrecking 104 Wilson & Co. CONSTRUCTION-TODAY.COM JANUARY 2010 http://www.CONSTRUCTION-TODAY.COM

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Construction Today - January 2010
Profitable Contractor
Aireko Enterprises
Metrus Construction Limited: Le Parc Tower II
CJ Pink Ltd.
Costello Dismantling Co. Inc.
Allied Building Products Corp.
IDEURBAN: The St. Regis Mexico City
Interlink Group
TCD Inc.
Jersen Construction Group
Killian Construction Co.: The Westin Hotel
Legacy Partners Residential: Riverpark
Strathcona Mechanical Ltd.
Tilton Pacific Construction Inc.
On the Cover
Wharton-Smith Inc.
Product Showcase: Software and New Technology
Nicholson Construction Co.
Gilchrist Construction Co.
Turner Construction Co.: MIC Rental Car Center
Union Concrete Construction: Outer Harbor Parkway Project
D’Onofrio General Contractors Corp.
Worldwide Rental Services
AmQuip Crane Corp.
EIC Associates Inc.
Grinnell Recycling
Intercounty Paving Associates LLC: N.Y. Route 112
Matrix Design Group
Nicholson Construction Co.: Canton Dam
Sessler Wrecking
Wilson & Company Inc. Engineers and Architects: Rail Division
Regional Spotlight
Group Lepine Ltd.
Laurysen Kitchens Ltd.
Aspen Ridge Homes: Vu Living
Walsh Construction: Sherman Replacement Hospital
Block Cos.
PortSide Builders Inc.
Summit Builders Construction Co.: Classic Residence at Silverstone
Urban Landmarks
Keystone Construction Corp.: Carmel Arts District Lofts
Construction Coach
HDR Architecture Inc.
Brasfield & Gorrie LLC
Dimeo Construction Co.
Nan Inc.
EllisDon: North Park Quad Pad Arena
CANA Construction: TELUS World of Science
Cornerstone General Contractors Inc.
Harvey-Cleary Builders: City of Austin Public Safety Training Facility
Hensel Phelps Construction Co.: Granada Hills High School
Pirtle Construction Co.: City of Miami College
Sundt: East Contra Costa
Taylor & Parrish Inc.: Carole Weinstein International Center
Turner Construction Co.: Nationwide Children's Hospital
Turner Construction Co.: Duval Unified County Courthouse Facility
Weddle Brothers Construction Co. Inc.
AP Construction Inc.: Kensington Creative and Performing Arts High School
The Boldt Co.: Luther Midelfort Hospital Expansion
Choate Construction: NGCSU Projects
Donley’s LLC: Bavaro Hall at the University of Virginia
EllisDon: Woodstock General Hospital
McCarty Corp.: Maneuver Center of Excellence Headquarters
Munlake Contractors Inc.
Murray Company: Kiowa Country Memorial Hospital
River City Construction LLC
Skyline Roofing Ltd.
SpawGlass: Austin Community College Round Rock Campus
W.E. O’Neil Construction: Downtown Women's Center Project
Special Focus
CANA Construction: SMART Technologies
DiFazio Industries
Ecco III Enterprises Inc.
G.W. Peoples Contracting Co.
ARCO/Murray National Construction Co. Inc.
Baker Electric Inc.
Chester Bross Construction Co.
Titan Wrecking & Environmental LLC
Last Look: Urban Landmarks

Construction Today - January 2010